Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Online episodes on big screen TV

As discussed here there are plenty of online content available for canadians for free. Long story short - every station that broadcasts signal over the air in Canada can (and they do!) have latest episodes of TV shows online. Free and Legal! Just a couple of examples:

And bunch more.

Go to the website, pick your show, episode and here we go. It's on your computer screen. But as it goes to watching this online content on your flat screen TV we had a problem. It's really tricky to get it to the TV screen, unless you physically bring your laptop to the TV, run the cable etc. Media Centre PC the called it.

Until recently. Now you can broadcast everything you watch on PC to your TV without any wires.

You'll need two things - Google Chromecast. Little dongle you stuck at the HDMI port of your TV. CAD $39 at the time of writing or US $29.99 for these south of the border.

Chrome cast out of the box would get you going with Netflix and Youtube, but to watch online content from these TV stations you'll need one more thing. Most if not all of these stations would ban you from watching their series on your mobile device unless you install their own app. And that app is not Chromecast friendly.

The solution - Google Cast. The Chrome browser extension that would let you to broadcast any content you have in your browser to the Chromecast.

After installing Google Cast you'll see the "cast" icon in your chrome browser.

Select your episode, turn on casting, maximize player window and off you go! Your TV show is on your big TV, broadcasted right from your computer.

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