Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY Home Theatre for under $200 dollars

We are planning a party with a bunch of kids and adults. While adults enjoying their drinks and conversations in the living room - kids need to be entertained in the basement. How? Bring TV down to the basement?.. hire an entertainer?

There is a better way - Big Screen Movies! DIY Home Theatre.

You would need a projector, screen itself, unless you already have unobstructed white wall to project to and some way to push video signal to the projector.

So, here is my setup...

In my basement walls are not exactly white and with support columns here and there I do need a screen. 66x110 inch white blackout cloth. $39.95 . 66x110 it's like 130 inch diagonal screen. That's like adult human height screen!!!


Yes, you can buy projector for under hundred bucks! It might not be perfect for your next business presentation, but for kids watching cartoons - more than enough. I got mine for $89.99. It has build - in speakers that might be good enough for couple of kids, but if you hosting a big group you better get external speakers. I dusted off my old computer speakers - worked just fine.

And finally - Chromecast . That little dongle sticking out of the projector is the Google Chromecast. Currently retails for $31.59. No wires, plug it directly to HDMI slot of the projector, USB slot for power, select Netflix or [add your favourite online media provider here] movie from your phone, click the cast button and off you go!

Do the math - little over $160 dollars gives you remote controlled home theatre and bunch of happy kids and parents. Want to save few bucks - use white wall instead of projector and DVD player or your laptop as a signal source.


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