Friday, May 8, 2009

Hulu in Canada - update

Apparently Hulu figured out how to block HotSpot Shield users from accessing Hulu from Canada.

So we now have no choice, but to use legal Hulu alternatives in Canada from CBC, Global, CTV and others.

Couple to additions to the list:

  • CTV launched beta version of HD Video site Only Flash Point and Corner Gas are there so far.

  • YouTube now hosts full-length movies without any restrictions for Canada. Most if not all these movies are pretty old, but anyway - I glad to see some developments there.

  • Another thing to check out - Not sure if and how to take it from the legality standpoint, but there is bunch of interesting stuff out there.


    Patrick Soon said...

    I was able to get through the proxy server detection algorithm on Hulu. From what I can gather so far, the workaround requires one to delete browser cookies (corresponding to Hulu) and make sure that Hotspot Shield connects the White Plains, NY server. Some say that this hack only works for PCs and not Macs. Could you let me know if it works for you?

    Anonymous said...