Sunday, April 12, 2009

Free calls to Canada/US with Google and Skype

Or how to make free calls to US and Canadian businesses from anywhere in the world.

Recently Google introduced Goog411 service - free telephone business directory. From anywhere in US or Canada you can call 1 800 GOOG411 (1-800-466-4411), name province/state and town and then name of the business you want to reach.

Here is how dialog normally looks like:
Google: Call is recorded. What city and province?
You: Newmarket, Ontario
Google: Say business name or category
You: Southlake Hospital
Google: Top three related results... (speaks out three top matches)
You: One
Google: I'll connect you.

Bingo!!! You dialed toll free 800 number and as the result you are connected to the phone # that normally would be a long-distance call.

Obviously works for businesses only but anyway - cool freebie, eh?

Normally you can not call 800 number from outside US or Canada. But that is not true for Skype. Even with free Skype account you can call 1 800 numbers. So, you can call GOOG411 from free Skype account from anywhere in the world! Just dial 1 800 GOOG411 using Skype, speak (or type) you state, town and business of interest and get connected to US or Canadian phone number free of charge. From anywhere in the world!

If you have Skype installed just click on the following link to start a call to GOOG411:
Call GOOG411 using Skype

So, you can call any US or Canadian business phone # from anywhere in the world, using Skype and Google.

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